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The Value of Freelance Writing

Once I decided to advance my "passion for the written word" to the next level, from hobby to paid-professional status, it became difficult for customers with whom I worked prior to making a living writing to understand the value of my work as a profession and a business. They still wanted writing projects at deep discounts if they couldn't receive my writing services pro bono. Customers had total disregard for understanding that my business was not a charity.

The revelation hit me when I refused to no longer provide these individuals services at no charge, or at a deep discount to meet their satisfaction. I made the mistake of trying to convert those customers into clients willing to sign a contract and pay market rate. This was the "ah-ha moment" when I realized I had 'takers' and 'blood suckers,' trying to acquire something-for-nothing! It was such a relief when I realized I had to cut all ties with those individuals. I had to start fresh and perform a market analysis on the demographic I planned to serve, which included their means to pay-up.

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