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Just being from the "old school" of putting pen-to-paper, initially, I found my niche in the journalistic world of writing articles for magazines, in addition to interviewing, writing, and reporting stories for newspapers. That was what I did in my previous 'freelance life.'


Then, I began naturally gravitating toward writing documents for small businesses.


So, in 2006, I went all-in, writing long-form pieces, which included business plans for aspiring small business owners, and newly-minted entrepreneurs, who sought funding for their mom-and-pop business, which I will discuss later in detail.


In 2019, I added case studies and white papers to my portfolio. However, during 2020, well, you know what happened. 


So, I regrouped in 2021, completely focusing on writing white papers, serving businesses that had very expensive products, and services, which provided solutions to problems, to which their potential customers sought answers. 


There's also the case study a business may have discovered a need for, that could explain its complex business process in detail.

So, you ask: “Arnita, how can you help?”


Initially, I’ll have a discussion with you to gain an understanding of your product, service, process, and your position. I research, background, stats, and interview 'real people' during my primary research, which will enhance the credibility of your case study.


For white papers, I will explain the operation of a complex, and/or very expensive product in very simple terms, in written form to give your customer clarity of your product or service. I will explain, what it does, how it will help the customer, selling BUT NOT selling the product or service. It would be marketing in a sense.


With case studies and white papers, my goal is to get your product and services sold, by providing your potential customers detailed information to make informed choices and educated buying decisions.


Now, back to the business plan, which I promised to discuss in detail.

I've been writing business plans since 2006, for individuals who've considered starting a business but had not yet taken the leap. They only wanted to explore options and ask basic questions about start-up capital, how to market their product or service, figure out who their customers would be, and the two BIGGEST questions I always get asked: "When will I make a profit and how much of a profit will I make?" 


Yes, I can provide answers to those questions by calculating 3- and 5-year growth and profitability projections. I can also prepare this type of business plan 'for your eyes only,' for you to mull over, and ask questions.


Then, as your head begins to fill with many "what ifs," which it will, I can chat with you via a full-blown business-planning consultation to provide answers to your questions in a logical sense.


Whether you're thinking about starting a business, just started a business, or have been in business less than five years,

I can help.


I can provide you a snapshot, or a full-blown, business plan with a detailed starting point that will guide you through your business-planning process. Throughout the process you will be able to muster up the confidence and give in to your lifelong desire to start your very own business.


Imagine that? 


If it’s a long-form document you need to as a road map, for business forecasting (business plan), as a marketing tool to explain your business’ position on a complex business process (case study), or an expensive product or piece of equipment (white paper),

I can meet your needs.


Whether you need a business plan, white paper, or case study, let’s get your business moving in the right direction by completing the contact form for your complimentary (free) 30-minute phone, or Zoom consultation today!


I look forward to helping you set your business in motion!

So, take care until we chat!




Professional Experience

2013 - Today

Stringer|Journalist: Pike Pulse and Hendricks County Flyer Newspapers / Writer / Editor / Copy Editor / Proofreader / Christian: Grant Researcher / Grant Writer 

2007 - 2013

Adjunct Instructor | Indiana Wesleyan University:

College-Level Essay Writing

Independent Writer | Avodah Business Communications:

Services Offered:

Business Plans / Grant Proposals / Grant Research / Editing / Marketing Collateral / Proofreading for small businesses and entrepreneurs

2004 - 2007

Editorial Assistant in Pharma (Indianapolis, IN)




2003 / MAY

Marian University

Indianapolis, IN

B.A. Business Administration | Major: Marketing

2000 / JAN

Marian College / Indiana Wesleyan University

Indianapolis, IN


Business & Technical Writing 

Desktop Publishing


Professional Communication


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